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Hot New Trend College Students Started and How You Can Use it to Decorate

With Social Media, fashion bloggers, and fast fashion. Trends are constantly changing! Designers are releasing more capsule collections to keep up with everyone’s appetite for of the moment fashion. The digital age and online shopping has not only changed fashion, but how about how we decorate our homes. Barbara Hulanicki, Founder of Biba, has some […]

Exclusive Archive Print Collection Released!

Barbara Hulanicki Releases Exclusive Archive Print Collection Many don’t know that Barbara started her career as a fashion illustrator. It was her first foray into fashion before her career as a designer where she created her own brand, Biba. Drawing has always been a release and inspiration for Barbara. Fashion designers use mood boards for inspiration. As everyone likes […]

Barbara Hulanicki Discusses Audrey Hepburn and Fashion Today

Barbara Hulanicki, founder of Biba, discusses what inspired her to become a designer. Barbara talks about the first time she met Audrey Hepburn and why she thinks her style is timeless. Barbara talks fashion from the 50’s to now. What is inspiring her and what she thinks of the current fashion landscape. Barbara shares all […]

Foxbait Interview

I had the pleasure of interviewing the designers of Foxbait, Cammy and Wicky. They not only brought us into their home and studio, but world of Foxbait! It’s as colorful and wonderous as they are. We discuss how they got started, what they have coming out, and advice they have for budding artists. Also, what […]