Three Ways to Style a Sweater

I recently received a question from someone, who had just moved to Chicago, on how to style their sweaters for winter. I loved this question, because I love dressing for the seasons. This person was used to living in warm weather places and wanted to know how to stay trendy in the fall/winter. Since they were asking- I figured I would share some of the trends we are seeing and how to incorporate them in your everyday wardrobe. Whether for work or personal life. 🙂

  1. Form Fitting/Flattering Sweater

My number one tip is to get a form fitting everyday sweater. One that you can mix and match, but that is wearable. This is a sweater you could wear to work, or out on the town. If you have a traditional black sweater you can dress it up with different colored pants or skirts. Or keep it all black and rock out the all black look with a pop of color with accessories. Number one tip is to keep it simple! Let one or two pieces stand out.



2. Get a sweater with a trendy detail

Whether it is oversized, a pop of color, or peek a boo skin – have fun with your sweaters! Get ones that you could take a risk with or for a fun night on the town. You can always layer, so don’t worry about exposure.

I like my cut out top by Elizabeth and James. There are other options you can find with the cold shoulder or lace up at Zara and other stores.


There is also, the oversized trend which is comfy- just make sure to balance it with something form fitting on the bottom. Whether it be leggings or tight jeans.fullsizeoutput_2be1

Then there are the essential sweatshirts that can be young and fun. It’s really all about the details and what you feel best in.


The tip is to have your essential pants, tops and boots and then you can mix and match with fun pieces you wouldn’t normally wear everyday.


3. Oversized Sweatshirt Dress

The last trend, and one I’m currently loving, is oversized sweaters as dresses! Yes, you can buy sweater dresses, which can be good for a night out or work depending on the style. But I am loving the oversized sweater as a dress.


Mix it with some hard core boots or sneakers. And as it gets colder add some leggings, tights  coats over top.


Let me know your favorite way to pair a sweater. Also, send me any style questions you have and I could incorporate it in my next blog post.





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