Jess is the owner and founder of Reverie Vie. She is a fashion entrepreneur helping designers take their sales online, while also managing their go to market partnerships. Jess worked in the male dominated technology industry for 7 years.

cropped-img_7518.jpgShe realized she could take her unique skills to go into business herself. Jess is passionate about equality in the work place. “Diversity allows company’s to make better decisions which in turn makes companies more profitable. In order to make strides forward we all have to check our internal bias. The only way change can happen is with the support of men and women.”

Jess believes there are many stereotypes around fashion and how it is used to judge women in the wo
rk place. Instead she believes fashion should be seen as someones unique expression and not a means of which to judge each other one. She hopes Reverie Vie will empower self love through fashion.

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