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cropped-img_7518.jpgJess Lynn is the Founder and CEO of Reverie Vie LLC. She is an entrepreneur managing world wide partnerships and contracts for her clients in the Fashion, Music and Creative industries.

Jess is also a strong advocate for change through fashion. She created the fashion component of Reverie Vie in order to empower others to find self love through fashion.


I’m very grateful to work with the Fashion Icon Barbara Hulanicki. She has bought her exclusive fashion illustrations out of her archives from the 60’s and from her collaborations with brands like Top Shop – to release a season by season collection. Barbara is always ahead of her time. She made the t-shirt style popular back in the 60s, and now is innovating again with the prints that college students and designers are using to decorate their mood boards.  Click here to check out her exclusive fashion prints.

Jess xx

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